What is Dream Draper

Dream Draper has revolutionized the interior design industry with it's leading end software which allows you to create realistic renderings that look just like the finished room! The most difficult process as a homeowner is envisioning your completed window designs. The process has been eliminated through the use of one of the latest software programs created specifically for the design industry, Dream Draper ®.  By taking a digital picture of you window , I am able to create custom design.  Fabrics and trims you have selected can be added .  Sheers or wood blinds can be added to the design as well.  You will  be able to preview the design you have selected along with fabric before you purchase.  The Dream Draper ® program takes all the guesswork out of the choosing your window treatment. 

How Dream Draper® Works
  • Upload image of window area being treated.
  • Begin with computer-illustrated, complete designs or design element of your choice.
  • Add colors, fabrics, accessories, and more. Show alternatives of style, fabric patterns, trim, and hardware.
  • Transform bare or old windows to the finished treatments!
Complement your window treatment designs with stunning room layouts using DreamDraper’s space planning module. Full color drawings, textures, and fabric patterns and all to scale!